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Recycled Silver

All the sterling silver I use is recycled.

The company I buy my silver from purchases scrap metal and reprocesses it for the jewellery market. They are Australia’s largest manufacturer of silver mill products and make all of their own products in Australia. They ensure that their manufacturing processes use as few resources as possible and use only recycled materials.

But I also recycle every little piece of scrap in my own studio…

Here are my Textured stud earrings and Textured dangle earrings being made by recycling all the little scrap pieces of sterling silver left over from other projects.

The finished result is beautiful, organic shaped earrings and no waste.

Recycled sterling silver earrings.
Textured stud earrings.

Recycled Fabrics

Approximately 500,000 tonnes of clothing goes into landfill every year in Australia. By reusing unwanted garments I create beautiful, unique jewellery out of what would otherwise be waste.

Recycled fabric jewelry.

I purchase second hand linen or silk clothing from op-shops, garage sales, anywhere…

I deconstruct the clothing into usable pieces of fabric, then cut and sew these recycled pieces of fabric into cord, filled with a 100% natural, soft cotton rope.

Recycled fabric jewellery

This recycled fabric cord is then used to create my own jewellery designs. The finished product is a unique, eco-friendly piece of jewellery that is soft, light weight and comfortable to wear.

Recycled fabric necklace.

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